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  • Well Drilling & Rehab

    Water for Good implements water solutions across the Central African Republic. With three drill rigs, over 550 wells drilled, and over 800 wells rehabilitated, Water for Good's expertise in the water sector has made it the top well-drilling operation in the country.

  • Well Maintenance

    After the initial well is drilled, what keeps the water flowing? Water for Good's teams make regular preventative maintenance visits to each of over 900 wells in the well-maintenance program. This not only keeps the well operational, but provides regular contact with the village, allowing Water for Good to evaluate and implement other community development projects.

  • Community Development

    Water for Good’s community development projects include agriculture development, sanitation training, and a short-wave radio station with programming that supports and reinforces the community development projects and training.

The Water for Good model

1. WORKING WITH LOCAL PEOPLE – Water for Good accomplishes all projects with trained Central African staff. We are committed to making a lasting impact in the CAR. We hire, train, learn from our Central African staff. Their leadership and commitment to this work ensures that it will be sustainable. Water for Good is committed to working at the local, community level. We continually meet with the villages and work with them to plan ways to improve their lives.

2. WE START WITH WATER- No one should have to watch their child die from preventable water borne diseases. Water for Good helps communities begin to break the cycle of sickness and poverty by providing access to clean water. Water for Good actually drills the wells and rehabs the wells.

3. SUSTAINABILITY – Water projects only save lives if they last. We have teams visit each site to do preventative maintenance and report on the well.

4. LASTING COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – We use the gains made in water to pursue broader community development goals in agriculture, sanitation, and development radio programming.

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Our Faith

We are a faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization. Find out more

Our Vision Statement

The VISION of Water for Good is an Africa free from the ravages of persistent, generational poverty, where African people are actively engaged at the core of empowered momentum for change in their community.

Our Mission Statement

Water for Good works collaboratively, in long-term partnership, with communities in central Africa, empowering people with sustainable access to clean water, transformational sanitation principles, and improved agricultural resources.

Where We Are Located

Water for Good is currently operating out of three primary locations in the Central African Republic. The capital city of Bangui is the headquarters for Water for Good administrative staff. Just north of Bangui, Water for Good’s short-wave radio station transmits from the town of Boali. In western C.A.R., Berberati is the primary center for the well-drilling and well-repair crews, with storage facilities for supplies and a full garage capable of complete vehicle rebuilds and pump repairs.