New Water Director

Introducing our New Director of Water Programs, Jon Allen

In the Central African Republic (CAR), entire villages—adults and children—are sick with preventable diseases caused by their lack of access to clean water. ICDI is working to change that by providing clean, reliable water and sanitation. Since Jim and Faye Hocking founded ICDI in 2004, the ICDI well-drilling teams have installed over 400 new water wells and enrolled over 1,000 existing wells in the innovative well-maintenance program, extending clean water to hundreds of thousands of people.

Above: Jon Allen, his Bekah, and their two-year-old son, Keegan, live in North Carolina.

We are pleased to announce that Jon Allen will help manage this growth as the new Director of Water Programs in the CAR. For three years Jon has overseen logistics for ICDI, ensuring that the teams in Africa have all the supplies they need to get the job done. Jon earned a degree in business administration with a concentration in operations and supply chain management from North Carolina State University, and he has invaluable experience working directly with ICDI’s program managers in Central Africa.

What does this mean for ICDI?

Jon will improve the accountability of the water program to ICDI’s mission: to provide, equip, and empower communities in the CAR to use safe water to improve their lives! He will increase efficiency, organize and provide leadership for the staff in the CAR, and make sure the water projects are accountable to all of ICDI’s generous donors.

What will he do, exactly?

Most importantly, Jon will work closely with ICDI’s administration teams in the CAR—all Central Africans working in bona fide skilled employment. ICDI has over 100 Central African staff members, mostly in the water sector. This local knowledge and leadership is crucial for the long-term success of our water projects. Together Jon and the national program managers will prepare logistics and support plans, create project timelines, and be sure to stick to budget requirements.

Map of ICDI work 2004-2012

Jon will also work to streamline ICDI’s well maintenance program. Our water wells are sustainable over the long-term because we have four maintenance teams crisscrossing the countryside, repairing pumps and performing preventative maintenance. The teams now upload information about each well they visit along their route using a new iPad-based reporting system, allowing ICDI to know more about the needs of each community and why hardware is failing. Jon will manage all this data, improving the maintenance program and streamlining the supply chain.

ICDI is going to continue to expand and improve the water operations in the CAR. Jon’s expertise in this new role will help empower even more communities with clean and sustainable water resources.

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