Gettin’ Schooled

Getting Schooled

ICDI Collaborates with Purdue University

You’ve heard about ICDI’s lead water well driller, Marcellin Namsene—The Man Behind the Machines. In order to keep Marcellin’s teams on the road, drilling wells that save lives, ICDI has to keep the trucks, drill rigs, and other machinery in good condition—a serious hurdle in Central Africa, where all of ICDI’s supplies have to come in on shipping containers.

See this video that explains the challenges to working in CAR.

The bright students at Purdue University are using ICDI as a case study in Logistics Management, and they will develop solutions to improve:

Jon Allen, ICDI’s Water Program Director, explained ICDI’s goals and challenges in a video conference last week with the students.

Why collaborate with Purdue on Logistics?

ICDI is “Going Deeper” in each area of our operations, which means we are taking a step back from the day-to-day operations, looking for ways to make our programs more cost-effective and better for communities. We want to be the best stewards of your financial gifts and trust—that means pushing our programs to incorporate experimental, data-driven solutions.

How did we connect with Purdue? ICDI Board Member, Steve Betulis, (a ’78 Purdue grad and a member of Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management Alumni Board) brought us together. This is just one example of the important leadership role that the board plays for ICDI. Their connections in the community help keep ICDI up-to-date on the best-practices in business and top institutions, like Purdue. At the end of the term, Steve will head to Purdue to see what solutions the students suggest.

We’ll let you know what the students come up with!

Please consider supporting these opportunities for ICDI to improve as an organization.

When you make your gifts “undesignated” or “where needed most,” it allows ICDI to pursue these efforts to take a step back from the day-to-day operations, in order to improve and analyze the progress we have made. With the support of donors, ICDI has drilled over 400 new wells and we have over 1000 wells in the maintenance program—improving so many lives. The Going Deeper campaign and this collaboration with Purdue will allow ICDI to build on this progress and ensure that it is sustainable.

3 Responses to “Gettin’ Schooled”

  1. Richard Klopp:

    ICDI…working hard to ensure maximum impact of our donor's hard earned dollars. Purdue grads take note…

    • Jen Shang:

      I cannot tell you how much I live what you said Rich: maximum impact for our our donors hard-earned income!!

  2. Patrick Johanns:

    ICDI will benefit from this collaboration as well as our students here at Purdue. We appreciate the opportunity to learn and make a difference.