About Us

We are a faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization.


What we’re all about:

Working in a neglected country

We are committed to improving lives in one of the world’s most neglected and unstable countries, the Central African Republic (CAR). Learn more

Focused on water

Water is the first step out of extreme poverty, saving families time fetching water and saving the lives of young children, who are most vulnerable to waterborne illness.

How we’re different 

New water wells are just the beginning! We stay engaged with communities over the long-term, providing regular well maintenance visits to keep the water flowing—for good. Through these visits, we build relationships with communities and work with them to initiate projects that will make the community more prosperous and empowered over the long-term.

Mission Statement:

Water for Good works collaboratively, in long-term partnership, with communities in central Africa, empowering people with sustainable access to clean water, transformational sanitation principles, and improved agricultural resources.

Where we work



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Water for Good has been blessed to work with partners who support our mission and have their own important programs.


Water for Good partners with Charity:Water to implement large blocks of water crises interventions with new wells, latrines and the repair of older broken down wells abandoned by other organizations.
bloodwater Nashville recording artists Jars of Clay has started its own foundation, Blood:Water Mission, to address AIDS and water issues in Africa. Blood:Water partners with Water for Good to bring funding and technical expertise in on these topics to the Central African Republic.
 worldvisionlogo World Vision has partnered with us on health training, latrine construction, and repairing broken wells as an emergency response to the conflict in the Central African Republic. 
vti Water for Good and Vision Trust International have partnered in the Central African Republic to help with the enormous issues facing orphans and vulnerable children.
Water for Good has been asked by Living Water International to be their in-country representative for the Central African Republic. Living Water shares our model of “full WASH” community development.
 arc_logo Arc Solutions is focused on providing clean water to communities living in the midst of conflict. Consistent with this mission, they supported the maintenance program, health training, and repairing broken water wells in the Central African Republic with Water for Good.

Jordan 7 works with Water for Good to improve the maintenance program and raise awareness about the importance of long-term solutions to the water crisis.
Design Outreach collaborates with Water for Good on engineering projects, starting with the PCP pump, designed for deep-well applications where the usual Vergnet or India pumps won’t work.

MudLove pottery in Winona Lake Indiana is one of our most dedicated partners, focused on getting clean water into villages in Central Africa. Check out their site, and consider buying a few bands to support their efforts!

K.K Ecoshine is partnering with Water for Good to sponsor maintenance efforts on village water pumps in the Central African Republic.

Nature’s One is partnering with Water for Good to co-fund new wells in the Central African Republic.

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