About Us

We are a faith-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization.


The Water for Good model:

Working in a neglected country:

We are committed to improving lives in one of the world’s most neglected and unstable countries, the Central African Republic (CAR).

Why focus on water?

Water is the first step out of extreme poverty, saving families time fetching water and saving the lives of young children, who are most vulnerable to waterborne illness.

How we’re different: 

New water wells are just the beginning! We stay engaged with communities over the long-term, providing regular well maintenance visits to keep the water flowing—for good. Through these visits, we build relationships with communities and work with them to initiate projects in agriculture that will make the community more prosperous and empowered over the long-term.

Mission Statement:

Water for Good works collaboratively, in long-term partnership, with communities in central Africa, empowering people with sustainable access to clean water, transformational sanitation principles, and improved agricultural resources.

Where we work

Why Central Africa?

Aren’t there problems all over the world? Of course there are many poor countries. But realize, CAR is one of the most forgotten places. This country is truly in a water crisis and Water for Good is UNIQUELY capable of making an impact.

  • We have history there; Water for Good’s leadership has knowledge of the languages, communities, and the relationships necessary to work in country with very little infrastructure.
  • We work in a culturally sensitive way with the aim to empower the local people.

Right now, there are serious problems

  • The Lord’s Resistance Army is attacking villages in the eastern region.
  • The 2013 Séléka rebel takeover has caused widespread destruction and loss of life, affecting the entire country.
  • There is almost no infrastructure, with only 700km of roads

CAR is an amazing place with people who want to better their own lives.

  • CAR is home to one of the most culturally unique human groups in the world. Learn more about the Bayaka pygmies and Water for Good’s work to help them keep their culture and adjust to their changing country. (link to Bayaka page)
  • CAR has one of the most amazing elephant reserves in the world  – check it out here

Learn more about the Central African Republic, both its troubles and strengths.


Transparency is a core value for Water for Good

Now we have a high-tech way to make sure you see the impact that your support makes in Africa. Every time Water for Good drills a well or does a well repair, our teams now use iPads to report:
• GPS coordinates
• Photos of the project
• Record community interviews
• Measure community impact
• Keep track of parts we used


Download our audited financial statements or form 990’s.


Water for Good has been blessed to work with partners who support our mission and have their own important programs.

Water for Good partners with Charity:Water to implement large blocks of water crises interventions with new wells, latrines and the repair of older broken down wells abandoned by other organizations.
Nashville recording artists Jars of Clay has started its own foundation, Blood:Water Mission, to address AIDS and water issues in Africa. Blood:Water partners with Water for Good to bring funding and technical expertise in on these topics to the Central African Republic.
Water for Good and Vision Trust International have partnered in the Central African Republic to help with the enormous issues facing orphans and vulnerable children.
Water for Good has been asked by Living Water International to be their in-country representative for the Central African Republic. Living Water shares our model of “full WASH” community development.

The Baptist AIDS Response Agency from Nairobi, Kenya has partnered with Water for Good to provide quality training in HIV/AIDS prevention.

Jordan 7 works with Water for Good to improve the maintenance program and raise awareness about the importance of long-term solutions to the water crisis.
Design Outreach collaborates with Water for Good on engineering projects, starting with the PCP pump, designed for deep-well applications where the usual Vergnet or India pumps won’t work.

MudLove pottery in Winona Lake Indiana is one of our most dedicated partners, focused on getting clean water into villages in Central Africa. Check out their site, and consider buying a few bands to support their efforts!