Water Pump Maintenance

Why Water Pump Maintenance?

There is an avoidable and forgotten water crisis in Africa—thousands of broken water pumps have failed all across the continent. Few organizations have planned to help communities maintain their pumps. Most repair models are reactionary—they just fix broken pumps. Water for Good’s model is innovative because we employ preventative maintenance teams, to keep the water flowing FOR GOOD! Check out our FAQ for more details.

Want to be involved in our solution? We can’t do this alone! Although each village is asked to contribute towards the cost of maintaining their water pump, it takes time to ramp up those payments to a point where the village is covering 100% of the cost. That’s where you come in. For $480/yr you can provide reliable access to clean water for one village.

  1. You can sponsor a year of maintenance for a village yourself ($480/yr or $40/month).

  2. Better yet, why not involve your local community by launching your own fundraising page, and doing something creative to fund a village pump sponsorship?!


Once you’ve funded a village pump, we will assign your funds to a specific village in the Central African Republic. You’ll get a detailed report on the community after each maintenance visit!

 Your sponsorship provides:

  • Provides clean, healthy water for about 500 people

  • Service visits by Water for Good maintenance teams 2x per year*

  • Saves the village you sponsor 100+ hours/day of  walking to fetch water

*due to the current war, our teams have had to cut back drastically on the frequency of visits, but so far have still been able to make at least one visit to every well each year.