Water Pump Maintenance


Once the clean water is flowing, we turn our time and energy toward the relationships we have built with communities through the service visits. Together we search for ways to develop the villages’ potential for economic development which in turn gives the village a way to pay for the long-term maintenance of their pump!

Sponsor a Pump

Want to be involved in our solution? We can’t do this alone! Our five-year program starts off by offering each community a year of free service, then each of the following years the community is expected to pay for a larger and larger portion of the maintenance cost.

By the end of year five, the village is paying for 100% of their pump maintenance. You can help us add pumps to this program by sponsoring a pump for $40/month for five years of subsidized maintenance. Check out our FAQ for more details.


What does your $40/month do?

Most repair models are reactionary; they just fix broken pumps. Water for Good maintenance is innovative because we employ preventative well-maintenance teams.


*due to the current war, our teams have had to cut back drastically on the frequency of visits, but so far have still been able to make at least one visit to every well each year.